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50 Ways to WOW Your Others!


What I love about this book is that it is FILLED with immediately implementable actions strategies for spreading kindness; showing appreciation and respect; getting creative & having fun - and more! When I read a business book I prefer LESS theory and MORE action strategies - and Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace delivers that and more!

The author has written her book in an easy & fun-to-read style - and my copy is filled with little notes and ideas she sparked in me along the way. Her philosophy: "A workplace is somewhere people have to come to make a paycheck; a WOWplace is somewhere people WANT to come to make a difference" is right on.

I highly recommend this book for anyone (in any position) who wants to contribute positive energy at work - and engage their team in creating a WOWplace! Great book!  

- Donna Cutting

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50 Ways to WOW Your "Others!" was a huge success!

During the webinar, Sandy shared 50 innovative ways to create WOW experiences at work and at home.

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Having seen Sandy Geroux present live numerous times, I was excited to have a reference guide for her solid strategies and practical takeaways. Turn Your Workplace Into a WOWplace is that resource. Whether you are an individual or leading a team, this book is a must-read to increase workplace engagement and productivity.

If you'd like to interview Sandy, please call her directly at 407-856-1188 or e-mail her at

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The book was an easy to read book that will help inspire any business to have a more productive and fun work place. The examples given in the book were done very well to reinforce the points by the author, I would recommend this to folks from all parts of the organization from the front line worker to the CEO. It shows you ow taking care of customers and the employees empowered to do so allow everyone to succeed. IT is not done with theories but instead with real world. i have already shared this book with some of my co workers. It is a must read.

- Joe Clark (Purchased through Amazon, but didn't use purchase link to leave feedback)

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Team distractions are a powerful destroyer of moral, energy and productivity. Sandy's creative, delightful and proven ideas are culture changing! Inspiring one another, respecting each other, and rewarding members when they make a difference is a game changer. This is a book for every leader - executives, supervisors, managers and everyone who calls him/her self a leader of leaders!
Sandy's ideas for making someone's day, recognizing employees or just having a smile on your face are great! This book should be shared with all levels of management and employees. It could change your business for the better. Her ideas can also overflow to personal lives, especially recognizing someone who's done a great job whether with school or chores or ideas/suggestions. Sandy has put together a "WOW" book!
I know Sandy personally and she is genuinely passionate about helping people make their place a WOWplace. With five simple rules, she describes how to build a place where PEOPLE LOVE to go because they make a DIFFERENCE! Sandy lives out these values in her personal life each day; when you are in her company, her laughter is infectious, her joy utterly contagious! She brings this same presence to her writing; you will thoroughly enjoy this book!
Sandy always delivers at a WOW factor level. The principles and ideas shared in her book are no exception. How could you not want to understand and implement five rules for going from OW to WOW? By the way, I would suggest you read and act on this book NOW!

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