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About Sandy

Sandy believes that Jack Welch had it right when he said, “Before you’re a leader, it’s all about growing yourself; after you become a leader, it’s all about growing others.” But she also knows that you must never stop growing yourself. That is what true leadership is all about: continually growing as a person while you help the rest of your team grow.

Sandy Geroux, M.S. presents motivational keynotes and training programs that help attendees boost their impact as leaders, re-kindle employee engagement and enable their teams to take ownership for delivering exceptional internal and external customer experiences. Through the liberal use of stories, humor and proprietary tools and templates, Sandy helps her audiences find ways to succeed by better understanding the positive (or negative) impact they can have on their team members, co-workers and customers, which affects the success of their organization as a whole. Author of three books and a frequent contributor to professional publications, Sandy has shared her work and experiences with thousands of attendees in 41 countries!

A lifelong student of human motivation, Sandy always strives to create WOW experiences for everyone around her, and her programs focus on helping others do the same. She has learned much of what she knows about respect, humanity and leadership through working in the corporate environment for over 20 years, and then owning her own business and working with leaders at every level for over 19 more.

Through her "creative side," she is passionately obsessed with helping people find hidden ways to uncover the everyday, small nuances of service, respect, compassion, and creativity that add up to exceptional experiences for everyone involved. Through her systems background and knowledge, she helps organizations find ways to uncover gaps in the policies, systems and processes that support them, and re-design them to enable the WOW experiences they wish to deliver.

Several of Sandy's major accomplishments include:

  • Working with all levels of executive management, programmers and system users to design, develop, test and conduct corporate-wide training and Train-the-Trainer programs.
  • Presenting programs to over thousands of attendees in more than 125 U.S. organizations, with additional reach to 41 countries through videoconferencing and webinar programs.
  • Conducting customer service training initiatives that lead to award-winning performance and profitable results.
  • Sandy has an extensive systems analysis and business systems consulting background, and in 2013, earned her Masters of Information Systems Management degree with an emphasis on Marketing, and achieved the distinction of summa cum laude. This experience and knowledge enable her to identify gaps in policies, processes and systems that must be closed to unlock WOW experiences.

Sandy is also a singer who often includes humorous custom song parodies and inspiring songs in her programs for added impact and connection with her audiences. She combines real-life entrepreneurial, entertainment, training and speaking experience and knowledge that make her uniquely qualified to not only inspire diverse audiences to achieve the success they desire, but give them practical ideas, tips and tools to help individuals succeed with their personal dreams while helping their organizations accomplish their top- and bottom-line objectives.

Another plus is Sandy’s dynamic speaking style, which has been described by those who have seen her as EI-EI-OH! (Enthusiastic, Inspiring, Energetic and Informative - OH)!